LionAir, the worlds most disorganized airline?

I’d like to nominate LionAir as the most consistently disorganized airline.

  • In Bali airport, at check in, the boarding gate was no. 4
  • Inside the departure area the monitor showed it as gate no. 5
  • Ten minutes before departure it was announced over a loud speaker that it was now gate no. 3
  • At gate 3, 3 flights were listed on the monitor, none of them my flight to Makassar.
  • People were forming into about 5 rows, pushing toward 2 entry points.

Inside the plane, people are trying to cram over sized hand luggage into the overhead lockers, the staff trying their best to force them to close.

The 11.10 am flight finally leaves at 11.45 am and, in their defence of being disorganized, they are also consistent. This was my third flight with LionAir and, all flights have been the same.

Oddly enough Malindo (LionAir Malaysia) who I flew with between Bali and KL were much better organized – on the return KL to Bali flight only. Perhaps it is more about Indonesian organization, more than LionAir.


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