Build up to Nyepi day clebrations

Nyepi day is on Wednesday March 10th with Bali virtually coming to a standstill.

  • Airport is closed
  • All business are closed, including hotels and other tourist orientated businesses
  • Hotels inform you that you must stay inside the hotel complex from midnight on the 9th until early hours of the 11th
  • Cable TV is turned off and limited catering facilities are on offer (variable across hotels)
  • Pecalang (religious police) patrol the streets to ensure full compliance

On Sunday March 6th the Melasti (aka Mekiisor, Melis) part of the Nyepi day build up was held.

In the morning, people flock to the sea front to pray and make person al offerings. There is a Gamelan band with fathers teaching their young sounds how to play the instruments.

In the mid afternoon, effigies of the god Pratima and offerings from each temple are brought, in a long and colourful procession to a beach area where chanting, praying, blessings are conducted – all to a background sound track from a Gamelan band.

After approximately 2 hours, there is a dancing tribute followed by offerings (including live chickens and ducks) are carried to a fishing boat which then heads out to see, accompanied by holy men to dispose of the offerings. (not sure if the live chickens and ducks are killed first)

Detailed description HERE

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