Devil of a parade ….. Ogoh-ogoh and Ngerupuk parade.

The final stage of Nyepi day is the evening Ngerupuk parade where young men will carry bright and colourful Ogoh-Ogoh statues.

From early afternoon, streets are gradually closed off so that the very large Ogoh-Ogoh statues can be positioned along Jalan Legian, a very busy one way street that links Kuta area with Legian and on to Seminyak.

Teams of young men carry and/or wheel the hand made Ogoh-Ogoh into place, having to lift power lines with bamboo poles so that they can fit underneath.

I’m told that one assembly weighs about 900 Kilos and will be lifted to shoulder height and carried by 30 men.

Unfortunately, at around 4 pm the sky becomes overcast and thunder starts. The parade is due to start at about 7 pm so hopefully the rains will either come and go or hold off until later.

Wikipedia has a full description HERE

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