About Me

MeHi, I’m stekmer, a name based on the first 3 letters of my first and last names with my middle initial thrown in. This is a flattering photo and a couple of years old now.

I’ve been a keen traveler for over 30 years …. always researching & planning the next trip and trying to refine my understanding of what helps make a ‘good trip’.

To me, travel offers the opportunity to experience another culture and way of life, an important part of which is trying local foods.

In general terms, I prefer going to places that do not need tourism to survive. Places that need tourism for their survival have already lost what people came to visit in the first place.

My current challenge is to work out the relative pros and cons of taking a bicycle with me on holiday vs buying a second hand one when I get to a favorite spot and then just leaving it behind. Rental bicycles – almost without exception are a disappointment 😦

In my other life, I’ve been a Registered Nurse with qualifications in mental health, aged care and dementia. I’ve been involved in providing direct clinical services to Clients with mental health and/or dementia for over 25 years, across aged care, hospitals and community settings.

At 63 years of age I’m heading towards retirement – in a planned way that has seen me withdrawing from providing direct clinical assessment services and my role as Website and eLearning Administrator for Alzheimer’s Assoc SA (DTSC), reducing my working hours and finally ceasing work in mid July 2017 to focus more on my quality of life.

From late November 2016 to early April 2017 I’ve experimented with retirement and taking advantage of cheap airfares that have become available in the preceding months.

After becoming semi-retired my interest and enthusiasm for cooking has returned with some of my recipes here.


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