Some of my most memorable eating experiences have been in small, family run cafes (for want of a better description) that specialize in one or two dishes and open late morning and close when they have sold out, usually by early to mid afternoon.

Wong_Kee An example of this is Wong Kee – Hai Lam Chicken Rice in Jalan Nyonya (behind Times Square) Kuala Lumpur. It is extremely popular with local office workers and fills very quickly from around 1130 hrs.

Service is a little on the abrupt side but this is an exceptional version of ‘Chicken Rice’ and costs a very modest 5 Ringgit.

There is a large vat of chicken soup at the far right with a ladle and bowls for self service. The rice is rich and slightly yellow with chicken fat. The garlic ginger chilli sauce is perfectly balanced, The chicken is crispy skinned and juicy to the bone ….. ahhhhh,





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