Ubud pic

Ubud – is it still worth visiting?

Is it a mistake to revisit places that you have seen in their tourist infancy, back when the reason that people wanted to visit in the first place was still obvious and before tourism became the dominant source of revenue? Is Ubud one such place?

demonic monkey

Devil of a parade ….. Ogoh-ogoh and Ngerupuk parade.

The demonic Ogoh-Ogoh statues are carried along by teams of young men in the Ngerupuk parade which marks the final stage of the events leading to Nyepi day (Balinese Hindu New Year)

Bali island and question mark

Can I find something to like in Bali?

I envy those that can plan a holiday to Bali and look forward to it. The airfares are cheap, the food quite good and accommodation inexpensive – but – there is also the ugly side that just gets in the way of my ability to enjoy it.

Bangkok street food

Thailand street food

I just love the temptations offered by the street food of Thailand. For those who would prefer AC or a more comfortable way to eat the same or similar food, there are the countless ‘Food Courts’ that offer great food and very reasonable prices.