Travel Tips

The Internet offers the opportunity to research every aspect of travel in a way that was not possible when I first started travelling over 30 years ago. Everything can now be booked online, after researching and comparing, reviews, options and features.

There are travel tips that I would (and have) shared quite willingly with others, either as direct communications with friends and family or via posts on travel forums. There are other tips I will never share, not because of outright meanness as such, but more from not wanting to loose any slight advantages I may have gained from years of experience.

As a small sample though …..
It never ceases to amaze me how many people arrive at the Check In counter and queue for long periods. All things being equal, I choose an airline that offers Internet Check In. I complete the arrangements the night before and, boarding card in hand, walk past the long line of people to the special Internet Check In counter to drop my bags off …….

Why others don’t do the same is baffling . . . . . I’m just glad that not everyone does it or there would be a queue at the Internet Check In desk.

Tips I will share …..



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